Our Philosophy

Beautiful and ethical – it can be both!

We made the decision in 2019 to change to plastic-free packaging. This set us to thinking about what else we could do to be sustainable and better for the environment. We overhauled our approach to every aspect of our business - no small task for a small team!

It wasn't a case of jumping on the bandwagon of the sustainability revolution. If we'd made individual decisions in our personal lives to be better, more thoughtful of our environment, then why shouldn't that translate into our work?

We changed all our packaging to be kerb-side recyclable (without the pesky task of removing plastic tapes first – because every obstacle to recycling makes it less likely to happen).

Our tapes are paper, our boxes and wraps are recycled and recyclable, our envelopes (which are beautiful too) provide product protection using corrugated paper, not plastic bubble wrap. Our void fill is made from potato starch and simply dissolves in water.

Our wood materials are all from sustainable or FSC-certified sources, and won’t leach harmful chemicals into the environment when recycled at the end of their natural life.

Our gorgeous jute bags (which we use to protect our premium olive wood boards) are sustainable and reusable – we provide more information about those in the care instructions included with your board.

We purchase our wood materials from traceable, sustainable sources and from British suppliers where possible. Suitable waste materials are burned as a heat source.

For our Perspex™ offcuts, we use a recycling solution which turns this waste into pellets which are then upcycled into other useful products – guaranteed not to end in landfill or as ocean-going plastic. None of it is shipped off to third countries to become their problem, either! We even offer to recycle it for you, if you no longer require a Perspex™ product you’ve purchased from us.

Before we launch any new idea we endeavour to consider its end-to-end life. We hope that our ethics - that thought and attention to detail - translates into our customers being able to buy from us with a clear conscience, with years of enjoyment from our products.


Make your event extra special with our custom wooden medals.

All of our medals are finished by hand in either a painted or natural look, and made from sustainable or upcycled materials. A wide variety of ribbon options complements the look.

Each event participant has worked hard to reach their goals; our medals are a special way to recognise that achievement.

Trophies & Awards

A little different from the norm, our trophies are hand-crafted from renewable materials, and are sure to stand out in any trophy cabinet.

Mumbles Centurion - Stacking Medal

For a three-day triathlon event, we designed a stacking medal incorporating the client's logo.