Medals, Trophies & Awards

Our bespoke sustainable medals, trophies and awards are expertly crafted from resilient materials. Providing an eco-friendly way to celebrate accomplishments, they're sure to be treasured for years to come. To learn more, head to our dedicated website where you can find our portfolio, pricing and more.


Make your event extra special with our custom wooden medals.

All of our medals are finished by hand in either a painted or natural look, and made from sustainable or upcycled materials. A wide variety of ribbon options complements the look.

Each event participant has worked hard to reach their goals; our medals are a special way to recognise that achievement.

Trophies & Awards

A little different from the norm, our trophies are hand-crafted from renewable materials, and are sure to stand out in any trophy cabinet.

Mumbles Centurion - Stacking Medal

For a three-day triathlon event, we designed a stacking medal incorporating the client's logo.